Chinas Huawei Strategy is to Bypass US Intelligence

china huawei


The threat that Huawei presents to the United States has reached the point where Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo have warned other nations that using Huawei equipment will make it difficult for them to work with the United States. Its a propaganda opportunity to sow division between the United States and its European allies politically and specifically economically. With the United States trying to convince the European Union to trade less with China and more with America Chinas response is understandable. But ultimately the Huawei Strategy is to get the United States to reveal its secrets. Huawei says it would never hand data to Chinas government. This is contrary to Huaweis earkier statement that said the company would never hand over data even if the Chinese government asks it. According to the report the company would have no choice but to follow its own countrys laws. Japan and Australian governments have already blocked Huawei from providing wireless operators 5G hardware. The proposition that it is just a telecommunications company has worn beyond thin Inkster told CNBC

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