China grounds Boeing 737 MAX 8 jets in wake of Ethiopia crash

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Ethiopian Airlines said the pilot had been given clearance to turn around after flagging difficulties to airport authorities. Ethiopian Airlines but would resume in daylight. A committee comprising of Ethiopian Airlines it added. Operation of the 737 MAX 8 aircraft will resume after confirming the relevant measures to effectively ensure flight safety the statement added. Following the crash of another Boeing 737 MAX on Sunday the Chinese Civil Aviation Administration has reportedly grounded all of the MAX variants of the popular aircraft over the country. What is clear is that the skies over China are curiously clear of the Boeing 737 MAX as of Monday morning local time. Other variants of the Boeing 737 remain airborne in Chinese airspace while around 350 of the MAX variant exist around the world. So far most Western carriers and governments have stopped short of grounding 737 MAX aircraft while the investigation gets underway. The Civil Aviation Administration of China said the order was issued at 9 a. Beijing time Monday and would last nine hours

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