China Pakistan to upgrade their jointly produced fighter jet Report

china pakistan


The up run Global Times reported on Tuesday. Informatised warfare is often used by the Chinese military which broadly refer to use of information and communication technology in modern wars. The JF role light fighter was being jointly produced by the two countries for several years with engines supplied by Russia. It is mostly used by Pakistan than by China as the Chinese Air Force has acquired new generation aircraft like Russias Sukhoi as well as array of home grown new planes including stealth aircraft. Masood Azhar is chief of Pakistan based Jaish Mohammed terror group. China on Wednesday once again blocked the proposal to blacklist Pakistan Mohammed chief Masood Azhar as a global terrorist by the UN Security Council by placing a technical hold on it. All related work is being carried out said at a press conference last Friday. Huawei is being used by China to spy on America even prompting the Pentagon to remove all products that the military may be using. china prevented a united nations security council committee on wednesday from blacklisting the head of pakistan mohammad. The United States travel ban and asset freeze

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