UN Security Council is set to vote on sanctioning a Pakistani militant China may stand in the way

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A UN vote set for Wednesday could further increase tensions and China may be the key. China claiming in the second instance that the militant leader did not meet the Councils requirements to be a terrorist. Although Pakistan has clamped down on other militant groups such as the local Taliban JeM continues to operate publicly in the country. All related work is being carried out said at a press conference last Friday. Huawei is being used by China to spy on America even prompting the Pentagon to remove all products that the military may be using. But China placed a technical hold on the request saying it needed more time to examine it. China had previously blocked attempts to have Azhar blacklisted. We are disappointed by this outcome Indias foreign ministry said in a statement. India launched airstrikes to destroy insurgent bases inside Pakistan leading to an unprecedented clash between warplanes from both sides. India did not name China in its official statement saying the United Nations Security Council could not act on the proposal because a member placing the proposal on hold

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