Why Googles Theme For Its Big Developers Conference Could Fall Flat

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But while Google hopes to wow audiences with presentations on artificial intelligence and accessibility that rosy messaging may fall flat in light of the companys recent controversies. One consistent theme of the various accusations has been how Google has not been helpful for everyone. For Google to hang its conference on the theme of being helpful for everyone without acknowledging its slew of exclusion based issues may make the companys intended theme seem hollow or ironic. Sunscreen chemicals are slipping through your pores and Game of Thrones made an oopsie. sunscreen chemicals can seep into your bloodstreama new clinical trial from the fda suggests that seep into your bloodstream. Dont toss those tubes just yet though; thus far there isnt any evidence that anything harmful is happening because of it. The company is expected to announce a series of hardware updates including cheaper versions of its flagship Pixel phone and a new smart home hub. The company is expected to show off smart upgrades to its Google Assistant. This year and advancements in artificial intelligence. Each year while also providing insight about the search giants overall direction and goals

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