Brexiteer Mark Francois pens seething incident on Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn

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LONDON Two weeks before Britain was originally scheduled to leave the European Union was asked on television whether Britain should stay or go. The question came again and then one last time. I want us to have a serious relationship with the E. gliding past the in out question that has consumed Britons for the better part of three years. Until now his studied ambiguity has largely held his party together while the Conservatives have crumbled. But having accepted Prime Minister Theresa Mays offer to negotiate he will likely face uncomfortable choices if Mrs. May softens her stance and tries to tempt him with a credible compromise. A senior Tory backbench Brexiteer has demanded Theresa May face a confidence vote by her own MPs before begging EU leaders for a Brexit delay. Mark Francois said that the Prime Minister should be subjected to an informal indicative vote of confidence that would allow disgruntled MPs to demonstrate that they have lost faith in her leadership. In a letter to backbench leader Sir Graham Brady the Essex MP said we are living in a world gone mad

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