No ifs no buts Jeremy Corbyn must insist a Brexit deal is put to voters Polly Toynbee

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Joe Biden wants us to believe that all his touching speaks to how deeply he cares about other people. Its really a testament to how much regard he has for himself. As everyone has always known Biden is prone to weird and wildly over familiar interactions. Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn are looking at the idea of forcing a future prime minister to secure the consent of Scotland Wales and Northern Ireland before they can alter the UKs future relationship with the EU. Downing Street would not comment on the idea other than to say it wasnt discussed at the meeting yesterday. But a senior government source confirmed what they called a devo lock was being examined. it was only later that brextremists sprang this lunacy as the one true brexit. who in their right mind would be in charge to firefight a self deal day?her tactic failed. When pushed she said it would be needless if May offered a Brexit deal Labour could live with

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