Govt Dismisses 12 Senior It Officers For Corruption Misconduct

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despite all this the car wash task force was widely praised in brazil and abroad for its apolitical devotion to rooting out corruption. Bolsonaro created that position for the benefit of the very judge who found Lula guilty and it is the position Moro now occupies. The Car Wash prosecutors and Moro have been highly controversial in Brazil and internationally heralded by many as anti wing ideologues masquerading as apolitical law enforcers. But preventing the public from evaluating the validity of the accusations against them and the truth of their denials. The revelations provide powerful ammunition to critics of Mr. Moro which made him ineligible to run for a new term in last years presidential election. da Silvas imprisonment paved the way for the election of Jair Bolsonaro a far right politician who appointed Mr. Moro as justice minister and offered to appoint him to the next vacancy on the Supreme Court. Protesters denouncing corruption blocked roads and paralysed much of Haitis capital Sunday as they demanded the removal of President Jovenel Moise. Police erected barricades near the presidential palace and fired tear gas to drive away demonstrators who tried to breach them

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