Costa Rica isolates US anti vaccine family for testing positive for measles

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Costa Rica is enacting a National Surveillance Protocol after confirming two cases of measles the Health Ministry announced Thursday afternoon. The children were not vaccinated against measles by their parents the Health Ministry said. Those cases also involved an unvaccinated child. Alvarado said that Central America should not be satisfied until Nicaragua holds free elections and re establishes a free press and that turmoil in Nicaragua is having an impact on regional immigration and the economy. Measles is caused by Rubeola virusFrom Infectiousdiseaseadvisor. com Measles is an acute systemic viral infection with fever and a rash. Measles is most contagious just before rash onset and during the first few days after the rash appears. 4 children of anti vaxxers Americans found with measles in Costa Rica. Second time a measles case is reported in Costa Rica this year from foreigners

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