China warned other countries not to attend UN meeting on Xinjiang human rights violations NGO

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It came a week after UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Michelle Bachelet made a second request to gain access to the region. chinese diplomats also personally approached some delegates from the global south to caution them not to attend the event. for years china has worked behind the scenes to weaken un human rights mechanisms geneva director at human rights. government leaders to boost funding for chip research and science education while easing limits on green cards in an effort to counter Chinas investments in chip technology. semiconductor group wants funding to counter the rise of Chinas chip industry which is booming as the government there has poured research dollars into advancing the technology along with related fields such as artificial intelligence. China imports hundreds of billions of dollars worth of chips but can currently supply only a fraction of its demand domestically. chip industry group is also asking for U. trade agreements to include provisions for the fair treatment of U. firms in foreign courts during intellectual property disputes

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