Hallie Jackson Calls Out WH Spoxs Falsehoods About That Country Puerto Rico

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These are things that are not true she said. A slip of the tongue is not on purpose that would by definition be a slip of the tongue. Commenting on Gidleys reference to Puerto Rico as that country Politicos Jake Sherman said Ive heard variations of this from many people inside the White House. The New York Times Maggie Haberman agreed. While speaking with Hallie Jackson on MSNBC about Puerto Rico Gidley criticized the way the island had used the aid that had been provided so far. Jackson also pointed out that the people of Puerto Rico are U. citizens and asked why Gidley was rolling his eyes. Republicans do not see Puerto Rico as part of the United States. The president has criticized Puerto Rico for misusing federal funding sent for hurricane disaster relief calling the leadership there incompetent and foolish. territorys leaders for being grossly incompetent

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