Fremont priest accused of 30 counts of felony child sexual affront

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The Alameda County District Attorneys Office has charged a Catholic priest recently arrested in Fremont with 30 felony counts of child sexual assault according to a statement released Tuesday. Johns Catholic Church in San Lorenzo and more recently at Corpus Christi Church in Fremont. Tuesday afternoon Barber issued a statement about the charges brought against Vela. My heart is broken on learning Father David Mendoza Vela has admitted to inappropriate sexual contact with a minor. CLOSE The first appearance in court in Martin County of a woman arrested in the sex spa case happened Monday. Any offenses of rape and the insult or defamation of the Prophet Muhammad also carry the death penalty. several states within nigeria have imposed a death penalty for gay sex. similar to nigeria a death penalty for gay sex. Brunei is set to enforce new laws that make gay sex punishable by whipping or stoning to death

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