Trumps brazen purge at DHS details he has no fear of the press holding him accountable

count trump


this was the original message tweeted by trump before warner bros complained. Both appear utterly confident they will succeed in keeping important information hidden from the public and the press just like the administration has effectively canceled White House press briefings. Again and again the Trump White House easily rolls the media. Thats why the White House doesnt seem to be interested in filling key vacancies. all of this takes a huge toll on the government and on the countrys wellness. On a border visit last week to highlight illegal immigration Our country is full. In the very near future the United States must find some way to replace 76 million retiring baby boomers. Congress has failed to reach a deal to provide recovery funds for Puerto Rico and several states due in large part to Trumps opposition. The deal will also need to be agreeable to Democrats who have refused to budge on providing funding for Puerto Rico along with other disaster stricken parts of the US. Honestly Puerto Rico needs help we need it more than ever

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