Steve Kerr Reminds Warriors To Seem Sad DeMarcus Cousins Injured

cousin demarcus


LOS ANGELESChastising players for not sticking to their frowns during press conferences head coach Steve Kerr reminded the Warriors Wednesday to seem sad about center DeMarcus Cousins season ending quad injury. I know its going to be tough to remember but try not to run up the score too much. Its going to make him feel like we dont need him. Ive seen way too many hugs and high fives over the last few days and not enough furrowed brows. We are upset about this and everyone needs to stick to the plan. At press time Kerr had stopped himself after nearly telling reporters this was the best his team looked all year. This was perceived as something that could help him earn a more lucrative deal once he re enters free agency this summer. According to Gozlan could seriously compromise his value as a free agent heading into the offseason. It is no question that when Cousins plays Gozlan continued. An MRI exam Tuesday morning on Cousins left leg revealed the tear

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