Little Girl Wins Crazy Hair Day With Inspiration From The Little Mermaid

crazy hair


Yes my sister did win crazy hair day Ariel said. Looking at this made me realize the true purpose of crazy hair day when I have kids. was my mom the only one who thought crazy hair day was synonymous with messy hair day?looking at this made me realize the true purpose of crazy hair day when i have kids vecca. My sister had crazy hair day at school today and my mom was not playing games and really wanted her to win she wrote. this little girls cupcake buns even have squiggly birthday candlesabove and beyond!this little girls hair was made into a doughnut which was paired with coffee complete with a rocketa fantasy!. a little girls extravagant hairstyle is getting her a lot of attention in class and online. Houstons own Atlantis Castillo needed something different for Crazy Hair Day at school and her mother came up with an over top win. Atlantis hair was braided to resemble the Little Mermaid character Ariel The hairstyle featured a brightly colored braid that resembled a creative mermaid tail. It even had a real life Ariel doll on the top. Teachers and students at Clear Lake United Methodist Church preschool were stunned by the imaginative take on this movie favorite

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