In Chilling Attack Fake Delivery Results in Crossbow Shooting

cross delivery


firefighters spray water as they work to extinguish the fire at notre dame cathedral in paris. Heather Ramore said investigators believed the attack was supposed to end the victims life. Peel Regional Police showed the footage Monday seeking leads in the unsolved five old case. The footage then shows the suspect running off as the front door slams shut. It shows a man dressed as a delivery driver and holding a large package. But detectives say he was really a hitman and was ringing the homes doorbell to deliver a fatal attack. Moments after the two exchanged words and the man fired the crossbow. Authorities said the injuries she sustained involved damage to her internal organs and she will be in a recovery phase for the rest of her life. Detectives scoured the crime scene at the suburban home just outside of Toronto but could find no physical evidence that could identify the hitman. Authorities said comments made to the victim by the suspect indicate the victim was targeted and the suspect may have done it as a request by another individual

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