New ISIS Targets Uncovered In Recently Obtained Documents The European Economy Is In The Crosshairs

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New ISIS targets in Europe were revealed Sunday in documents obtained by the Sunday Times. The documents derive from a hard drive reportedly dropped by ISIS fighters during a firefight in Syria earlier this year. The file reads bank robberies or robberies of places that are pre studied. Plans for a series of Islamic State terrorist attacks across Europe in emulation of the Bataclan massacre in Paris have been revealed. In a letter to the Islamic States self casualty terrorist attacks against European civilians. The Sunday Times says fighters from Europe directed by a particular jihadist responsible for bringing in migrants and taking out brothers who have been given jobs. we will tell you here in our letter the targets that we will hit and they are targets that will destroy the economic world in europe and spread horror in the hearts of the enemies of allah. Across Europe there has been a growing rise in attacks on churches. The Middle East Forum reports that attacks on Catholic churches in France since the start of the year have included smashed statues and demolished tabernacles. And in France studies show the attacks on churches have increased as the number of Muslim migrants has increased

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