Bloodsucking worms from invasive pythons in Florida may spread across US

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The parasites are moving north rapidly along the peninsula and appear to have some major health effects on pygmy rattlesnakes Farrell said. The parasites that were found in the pygmy rattlesnakes were larger than the ones found in Burmese pythons Farrell said in a statement. Lynne Sladky APTheres reason to believe the parasites Burmese pythons introduced could spread to snakes and other animals beyond Florida Farrell said. There are relatives of this parasite that people have gotten by eating raw snakes according to Florida Today. The city of Doral tweeted that a private contractor has corrected the word. The series of chalkboards were discovered in three classrooms at Emerson High School. A road crew in Florida get an F for spelling after painting the word school incorrectly at a pedestrian crossing in the road. Workers in Doral ended up painting S L by mistake after getting the letter stencils in the wrong order. Instead of school the painted crosswalk was spelled scohol on a street in Doral FloridaLocals stopped to take selfies of themselves standing in the unusual crosswalkThe spelling mishap went viral and left school Florida officials embarrassed. this school zone striping was handled by the developers contractor

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