Biden Joins Crowded And Diverse Democrat Field

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We certainly arent short on opportunities to get familiar with the Democratic pack. This week CNN broadcast town hall interviews with five major candidates on the very same night. three episodes of game of thrones and a basketball playoff game. 28 from every man woman and child in the country to come up with that. sanders is a year older than biden but doesnt get a whole lot of comment about it. The loquacious former senator from Delaware joins the fray with the highest name recognition in the field. Republicans on Thursday wasted no time trying to take down the 2020 Biden candidacy early. Joe Biden Officially Joins Crowded 2020 Democratic Presidential RaceFormer Vice President Biden announced Thursday that he will run for president. the 76 old former delaware senator immediately becomes a top contender vying for the democratic nomination host. This is a crowded field that has collectively raised more than $75 million at this point and hes way behind

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