WWE Supporters Slam Stupid Brock Lesnar Win Over Cain Velasquez At Crown Jewel

crown jewel


Earlier this year two female WWE Superstars traveled to Saudi Arabia in an effort to compete in the countrys first ever womens match only for Saudi officials to refuse to approve it. Per an announcement from WWEs public relations team it looks like the first ever womens match in the region will finally take place at Thursdays Crown Jewel. if youre not already a convert which means you can. wwe crown jewelwweif you have cable and directv for $59. Despite his recent health scares and the fact that hes been retired from in view in Saudi Arabia on Thursday. After telling Graves that hes been cleared cutting a brief promo that hinted at what he plans to do at Crown Jewel. As for Hogan the publication added that its also doubtful the Immortal wrestler will be allowed to get physical at Crown Jewel

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