Report Triple Crown Winner Justify Failed Drug Test Ahead Of Kentucky Derby

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Under the rules in place at the time and therefore ineligible for the Triple Crown. The New York Times tracked down documents held in May. Remember also that Justify was accused of benefiting from a little unsportsmanlike help in his Belmont Stakes win to seal the deal. Now his horse chickens are finally coming home to horse roosttheres enough evidence of funny business in this report to lock Justify in horse jail and throw away the horse key. Rick Baedeker acknowledged that it was a delicate case because of its timing. There was no way that we could have come up with an investigative report prior to the Kentucky Derby he added. The chairman of the California Horse Racing Board owns an interest in horses trained by Baffert. With Justify Baffert was faced with a late old. It said Justify had large amounts of scopolamine in his system a banned drug that the National Center for Biotechnology Information says can affect performance in horses. If the states horse racing officials had followed the rules the paper said in the explosive report Wednesday night

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