Im Obsessed With This Woman Tweeting About Being On That Stranded Cruise Ship

cruise ship


rescue teams over the weekend to safely airlift hundreds of people off a cruise ship amid treacherous conditions off the western coast of norway. CHC rescue teams safely airlifted hundreds of people off the distressed ship including dozens of US citizens even as the ship was tossed amid 25 foot waves and drifting toward the rocky shoreline. While the cruise ship rescue operation was underway a second incident occurred nearby at sea during early evening. Passenger Alexus Sheppard told the AP that people with injuries or disabilities were winched off the cruise ship first. A luxury cruise ship is safely back in a Norwegian port after 24 hours of engine problems and rough seas forced the evacuation of hundreds of passengers. Social media posts show the boat destabilized rocking side to side in 20 30 foot waters as furniture and objects careened into frightened passengers. And then she got thrown back again by the wave coming back. Horgan and his wife were eventually airlifted from the boat. The ship lost power on Saturday afternoon and sent out a distress call. Something for everyone interested in hair and body positivity

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