In Cuba Carnival Cruise Ships Have Been Using Stolen Ports Original Owners Say

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The Freewinds cruise ship is docked in the port of Castries the capital of St. Authorities in the eastern Caribbean island have quarantined the ship after discovering a confirmed case of measles aboard. Lucia authorities did not immediately provide an update on the female crew member who contracted measles. A 440 foot ship owned and operated by the Church of Scientology St. Lucia Ministry of Health ordered the ship to be quarantined on Tuesday. Lucia Coast Guard sergeant which is the name of a 440 foot vessel owned and operated by the Church of Scientology. Church officials did not respond to requests for comment. For years the legal quest to be compensated for confiscated properties in Cuba was futile. This is a very technical piece of legislation said Pedro A. Freyre a Miami lawyer who represents companies doing business in Cuba

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