Tourists Flee In Terror As Cruise Ship Crashes Into River Boat On Busy Venice Canal

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Port officials immediately launched an investigation into the incident which was blamed on a power black out on the cruise ship. for those who made joking references this week to the titanic our cruise ship has actually collided with another boat just moments away from its final port in venice. The ship was accompanied by two tugs and struck the berth near San Basilio and then consequently collided with a river boat. A towering cruise ship strikes a tourist river boat terrified passengers can be heard shouting hold on as the luxury cruise boat crashes into the river boat and then the pier. The cruise ships owner was about to dock at a passenger terminal when it had a mechanical problem. Two towboats guiding the cruise ship into Venice tried to stop the massive cruise ship but they were unable to prevent it from ramming into the small and powerless river boat. emergency teams rush to the scene after the large cruise boat collides with a tourist river boat near the pier on sundaypassers by. A towering cruise ship has crashed into a dock and a tourist river boat on one of Venices busiest canals. serena williams in action during her second round match against japans kurumi nara. The ship then struck a tourist ferry according to the Venice port authority

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