Alyssa Milano To Ted Cruz No More Bacon Wrapped AR 15s Mister

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When she originally challenged Cruz to meet Milano had said in a tweet last week that the meeting should be live streamed so the American people can hear your bull**** first hand. beto orourke takes on meghan mccain over gun rightsa gun registry is how gun confiscation is carried out cruz stated tuesday. She had previously accused the Republic of being owned by the gun lobbyActress Alyssa Milano has said that her civil conversation with US Senator Ted Cruz has left her cautiously optimistic about gun reform. And as they stood up to leave at the end of the meeting Milano even chose to embrace Cruz in a hug as a show of goodwill. Milano and Cruz have previously clashed over the issue of the 2nd Amendment with the actress even slamming Cruz as being owned by the gun lobby. after concluding the meeting milano tweeted. always grateful for the opportunity to engage in positive civil discussion on substantive issues. Ted Cruz for a discussion about gun reform. and she tells us despite their contrasting opinions the powwow was cordial. We got Alyssa strolling the halls outside the Texas Senators office on Capitol Hill

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