Cuban LGBT Activists Defy Government Hold Unprecedented Indie Pride Parade

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It was a complete success because we got so many people together despite all the expectations of government interference a 26 old gay rights activist. Some gay rights activists said online that police had tried to prevent them from leaving their homes Saturday with threats of unspecified repercussions. However including the countrys growing ranks of evangelicals. cuban lgbt activists participate in an annual demonstration against homophobia and transphobia in havana . At least three activists were arrested by plainclothes policemen while others were ordered to disperse given the activity did not have an official permit. But many LGBT activists said they felt the government was reacting more to pressure from evangelical churches which have a growing following in Cuba and have campaigned against the expansion of gay rights. Other official events celebrating LGBT rights in the country will reportedly be going ahead as planned. people wait in line to buy chicken at a government run grocery store in havana . Many Cubans expressed their opposition to a change in the draft constitution that would have explicitly opened the door to gay marriage

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