Niece Of Doomsday Cult Mom Lori Vallow Suspiciously Knows Where Missing Kids Were

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Melani Pawlowski is under investigation relating to the disappearance of her aunt Lori Vallows kids according to the document filed by her ex husband in Arizona last week. Melanis knowledge of the whereabouts of her aunts two missing children and her unwillingness to cooperate with law enforcement is daunting the papers state. Police are searching Yellowstone National Park in the hunt for doomsday cult moms missing children investigators revealed. The investigators are searching for missing Idaho teen Tylee Ryan seven old Joshua JJ Vallow. Relatives say a radical doomsday group could be the cause of the childrens disappearance. Ms Vallow is being held in jail on $5m bail. Lori Vallows niece knows where missing kids are ex claims. Vallow has also been accused of holding doomsday beliefs. The Church Universal and Triumphant had thousands of followers who believed that its leader was a channel for God. Prophet told her followers that the world would end and moved to the church compound near Yellowstone National Park for safety

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