NXIVM Founder Plotted To Install Sex Cult Member Into High Level Political Office

cult nxivm


Founder of the sex cult group NXIVM plotted to install a female lieutenant into a top political office according to one of his members court testimony. Additionally and have new members initially use masks and pseudonyms a la Eyes Wide Shut to make it more accessible. Its no secret as to which political party Ranieres candidate would have been. Lauren Salzman pleaded guilty to enslaving women for the group while her mother Nancy Salzman pleaded guilty to racketeering conspiracy. TV actress and alleged sex cult leader Allison Mack creepily likened herself and other Nxivm slave masters to sister wives who would eventually all raise their kids together a witness testified Monday. Mack was already having sex with Raniere Salzman said. Raniere would go on to coerce Salzman into having threesomes with Mack and him she has said. Clares name was raised a bunch in terms of becoming a slave master Salzman said without elaborating

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