RNC Chairwoman Ronna Mcdaniel Criticizes The Lefts Cancel Culture A Frightening Path For Our Country

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It was an extraordinary hit piece on a recent Trump Labor Department appointee named Leif Olson. But if the Labor Department tossed him overboard on the basis of Penns report alone well then thats a different situation entirely. there is no single answer to cancel culture and government agencies should do. The fight against cancel culture has two fronts. Thanks for boycotting our donors because were going to raise so much more she said bitingly. Have your issues fought out at the ballot box but dont shame people because they disagree with your beliefs. This morning after what the reporter called anti Semitic Facebook posts came to light. The guy just suffered a massive emasculating 70 point victory. The silver lining here is the swift and virtually universal condemnation of Penns hit piece and the quick consensus that Olsons posts were sarcastic

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