Santa Monica Beverly Hills Set Citywide Curfews After 1 PM

curfew citywide


This is the third consecutive day a citywide curfew is in effect in Beverly Hills. Even before Mondays curfew took effect de Blasio tweeted that there would be another curfew beginning at 8 p. New York City is following other large cities such as Los Angeles and Chicago. Cuomo had said earlier he would speak with de Blasio about a curfew I can impose a curfew. Earlier Monday Cuomo said last night was bad for New York City. in response to the ongoing protests sparked by the killing of George Floyd. Sunday was one of the most distressing days in Santa Monica history. We know better than to let the looters obscure the message of the protesters Santa Monica Mayor Kevin McKeown said in a statement. george floyd independent autopsy rules death homicide caused by asphyxiapublic transportation in the county has also been impacted by the curfews; in santa monica the big blue bus was shut down at noon. with that i mind national guard vehicles or arriving in sacramento now

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