John Cusack Blames A Bot After Retweeting Cutting Anti Semitic Meme

cusack meme


To learn who rules over you quoting French Enlightenment writer and philosopher Voltaire. John Cusack is an anti Semite wrote another person. atrocities against palestinians? cusack said in response to one angry tweet. what planet are you on?the actor continued palestinian [sic. john cusack re semitic meme then said it was a mistake. Cusack quickly deleted it convoluted explanation. In a time where its frightening to notice that a childhood favorite is trending on social media and then blamed it on a bot. He also explained why his post was incorrect and said it did not accurately reflect his feelings. A bot got me is just as weak as I was hacked one user pointed out. The original tweet depicted a cartoon hand marked with the star of David crushing some people

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