16 Year Old Unaccompanied Migrant Dies In US Custody

custody migrant


government custody in Texas a spokesperson for the Department of Health and Human Services confirmed. When his health did not improve upon his release an ambulance transported him to another emergency department the next morning. Arrangements were made for the minors brother and Guatemalan consular officials to visit the minor while he was hospitalized. The family who resides in the home country received frequent updates from hospital staff Stauffer said. Mueller complained to Barr about memo on key findings. Thats the banner headline at the top of the Washington Posts website Wednesday. But when you click your way to the actual story it turns out that the headline is not true. Officials say the boy was transferred to the care of U. He didnt improve and was sent to another hospital a childrens hospital. A spokeswoman for the Administration for Childrens Services says the cause of death is under review

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