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William Barr Besieged by Allegations of Being Presidents ProtectorAttorney General William Barr portrayed himself as an apolitical elder statesman at his confirmation hearing. cdc warning sparks online debatethe centers for disease control and prevention is getting some strong reaction on social media after advising people to not wash raw chicken. Eating undercooked chicken the CDC warns. A storm that meteorologist Eric Holthaus characterized as one of the strongest cyclones in Indias recorded history made landfall on Friday amid warnings of potentially catastrophic wind and ocean surges. Over a million people were reportedly forced to evacuate Thursday as Cyclone Faniclassified as the equivalent of a Category 4 hurricanehurtled toward India. This low lying stretch of coast along the Bay of Bengal is one of the most vulnerable to storm surge in the world. Bishnupada Sethi told Al Jazeera that at least two people have died since the storm made landfall Friday. Oxfam India said the storm has already wreaked havoc in the state of Odisha. world vison is ready to respond to cyclone fani threatening millions of families and their children in bangladesh and india. Cyclone Fani is the strongest recorded cyclone in years for this part of the world at this time of year

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