Cyclone Idai might be southern hemispheres worst such disaster Millions from Mozambique Malawi and Zimbabwe affected as houses and roads submerged

cyclone idai


The devastating cyclone that hit south eastern Africa may be the worst ever disaster to strike the southern hemisphere according to the UN. Another was diverted to Manica while the Red Cross is also trying to bring in more supplies from the island of Runion by boat. The Red Cross has started a list of people registered as alive which family members can search or add to. mozambique with water above tree level says. Longer term needs will include dealing with a potential rise in waterborne diseases and rebuilding many destroyed health centres the WHO spokesperson added. Cyclone Idai has caused a massive disaster in southern Africa affecting hundreds of thousands if not millions of people says the United Nations. The cyclone has been described as one of the worst weather related disasters in the southern hemisphere. Reports say the cyclone has destroyed almost everything in its path and caused devastating floods. Britain is sending up to 6m in aid for victims in Mozambique and Malawi two of Africas poorest countries. Aid workers rushed to rescue victims clinging to trees and crammed on rooftops on Tuesday after a cyclone unleashed devastating floods in Mozambique Zimbabwe and Malawi

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