Cyclone Idai Hundreds dead and dozens of children missing after devastating storm

cyclone idai


Cyclone Idai has caused unimaginable levels of devastation in Southern Africa. Mozambique and rising flood levels pose a further threat. But youd be forgiven for not even realising that these horrors were occurring on the other side of the world. Of course its hardly surprising that humans care more about issues that make them feel personally under threat. The cyclone victims there are stranded by catastrophic flooding and are clinging to roofs or stuck in trees charities say. We need food and we urgently need construction materials. In Zimbabwe officials said locals had told them the force of the floodwaters swept some victims down the mountainside into Mozambique. Some people had been out at beer halls when the cyclone hit and came home to find nothing left. But the cyclones devastation did not discriminate and climate change affects the most vulnerable including animals. Cyclone Idai highlights the need for rescue teams to consider the lives of animals during disasters of this magnitude

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