Cyclone Idai UK charities announce joint appeal

cyclone idai


The storm caused widespread flooding throughout the region. It has displaced hundreds of thousands of people in Mozambique alone and has affected more than a million lives in three of the worlds poorest countries. Central Mozambique was hit particularly hard. Aid groups estimate that 90 percent of Beira a port city that is home to about a half million people was destroyed. Thousands of people are stranded by catastrophic flooding charities say. Penny Mordaunt described the cyclone as one of the biggest natural disasters to hit the southern African region. Ben Webster said Idai had caused a severe humanitarian emergency. While the most vulnerable communities are facing the real impact of climate change on the ground national leaders at the One Planet Summit kept their talk inside comfortable and acclimatised rooms. New plants are being planned from South Africa to Senegal as well as in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Cte dIvoire. International cooperation and funding from industrialised economies are necessary to combat climate change

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