UN calls for aid as displaced from Cyclone Idai may reach 2m

cyclone idai


7 million people were on the path of the cyclone WFP spokesperson. On Tuesday WFP airlifts dropped high energy biscuits water and blankets to people crammed on rooftops and elevated patches of land outside Beira. Negotiations by the WFP to bring to Beira two freight aircraft Verhoosel said. While the agencys warehouse in Beira was badly damaged by the cyclone some food remained intact. transportation secretary called for an inquiry into the F. s certification of the Boeing 737 Max 8. One concern is the role that Boeing employees played. Some hundreds are dead Malawi and Zimbabwe caused by Cyclone Idai. last Congress Devin Nunes cosponsored a bill called the Discouraging Frivolous Lawsuits Act

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