Cyclone Leaves Trail Of Destruction Across Mozambique

cyclone mozambique


new cyclone begins to make landfall in northern mozambiquea man stands on fallen trees which damaged his home in moroni . As the powerful tropical cyclone is expected to make landfall by early Friday in northern Mozambique just six weeks after Cyclone Idai devastated the the central part of the country and left hundreds dead. As the powerful tropical cyclone is expected to make. Mozambique is one of the worlds poorest countries and the earlier storm wiped out crops in the southern African nations breadbasket on the eve of harvest. As it approached Mozambique with some losing their homes. JOHANNESBURG A powerful cyclone that struck northern Mozambique and is continuing to dump rain on the region killed at least one person and destroyed homes with the United Nations on Friday warning of massive flooding. Forecasters said the new cyclone made landfall Thursday night in a part of Mozambique that has not seen such a storm in at least 60 years. cyclone kenneth packed the power of a category 4 hurricane as it approached mozambique with maximum sustained winds of 220 kilometers per hour. Flooding in the days after Cyclone Idai wrought the most death and destruction in central Mozambique cutting areas off from aid and ruining crops

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