Mozambiques cyclone devastation has become a ticking bomb of disease

cyclone mozambique


In Malawi 56 people died in heavy rains ahead of the cyclone. On Sunday he said the number of people who needed rescuing had came down dramatically without giving a figure. The floods have raised the risk of cholera and other water borne diseases and Correia said the government was opening a cholera treatment center in readiness of an outbreak. The storm has long since subsided over southeast Africa leaving at least 750 dead from the cyclone and the flooding that followed it. But those waters have created a hotbed of disease Al Jazeera reports. Malaria is already a major problem in Mozambique Mozambiques land and environment minister Celso Correia said. Some roads have been pumped clear of water letting two field hospitals and water purification systems embark further into Mozambique. evacuees from buzi vilage carry their belongings as they arrive at a displacement center near the aiport . We have a lot of diarrhea but teams are working on the ground to say whether it is really cholera or not. The death toll in Mozambique could rise steeply as receding floodwaters allow rescuers to access remote areas or if waterborne diseases like cholera gain a foothold

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