Mozambique Hit By A Second Cyclone Local Shares How His Community Is Coping

cyclone mozambique


PEMBA after the government urged many people to immediately seek higher ground. It was the flooding after Idai that caused most of the deaths. With the flooding streets nearly deserted in Pemba a few braved the pouring rain. Cyclone Kenneth crashed ashore in Mozambique on Thursday night and into Friday just six weeks after Cyclone Idai devastated the coastal city of Beira. The path of the cyclone was less populated than that of Cyclone Idai but the loss of life and property is substantial. Buildings damaged after Cyclone Kenneth made landfall in Pemba Mozambique. Wimbi Beach in Pemba after Cyclone Kenneth made landfall. ap this is a very vulnerable area red cross spokeswoman katie wilkes said. This was certainly the case for Cyclone Idai adding that many affected areas are prone to flooding and landslides even with normal levels of rainfall. Unicef Damaged buildings after Cyclone Kenneth swept through region in Mozambiques Cabo Delgado provinceA second powerful cyclone has struck Mozambique demolishing homes killing at least three and threatening massive flooding in the days ahead

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