Undocumented immigrant taken in and charged for molesting a minor faces deportation

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During his processing federal databases showed that Zarate is an undocumented immigrant. He will remain in jail until his charges are resolved and then U. Immigration and Customs Enforcement will take custody of him immediately or leave him at the Charlotte County Sheriffs Office for up to 48 hours before he can be transferred. Driver Licenses; Revises driver license application requirements; authorizes additional documents to prove identity; provides validity period for certain driver licenses; prohibits DHSMV from waiving certain tests for certain applicants; requires DHSMV to mark licenses to indicate compliance with certain provisions; revises requirements for obtaining duplicate or renewed driver license & changing name & address. However Resolutions and Concurrent Resolutions are considered identical if the only difference is the word House or Senate. Similar billCompanion bills that are substantially similar in text or have substantial portions of text that are largely the same. Compare billBills that have selected provisions that are similar in text. Undocumented immigrants could have access to a Florida drivers license if a new effort coming out of Tallahassee is successful an ABC affiliated station serving Tampa. The Drive Together Sunshine State effort would expand drivers license privileges to undocumented immigrants who live in Florida WFTS reported. Passing the legislation would lower insurance premiums and improve public safety on roadways since all Florida drivers would be licensed and insured WFTS reported

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