Strong planetary magnetic fields like Earths may protect oceans from stellar storms

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Magnetic fields appear to play an essential role in making planets habitable she said. We find most detected exoplanets have very weak magnetic fields so this is an important factor when searching for potentially habitable planets. Strong magnetic fields could protect and preserve a wet surface in a way that weak fields cannot. Co researcher Associate Professor Michael Ireland said finding planets with strong magnetic fields was critical to the search for life elsewhere in the universe. An artists impression of the planets in our solar system. nasain a new study mercury is actually closer to us than venus. The order of the planets in our solar system is one of the most fundamental facts in astronomy from the Sun we have Mercury Uranus and then finally Neptune. Now though a trio of scientists has called this well is the Earths closest neighbor. the key to this idea lies in looking at the average distance between each planet and the earth as they orbit the sun. While Venus undoubtedly strays closer to the Earth than Mercury at its nearest point it also strays a lot further from the Earth when it is at the opposite side of its orbit

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