Controversial YouTube star brings flat earth conspiracy theory to new audience kids

earth ring


If you look at a flat earth map existing flights are actually more direct than they are on a standard round earth map. One way or another all four would be space explorers want to be part of the mission in order to lend meaning to their lives. In short vignettes each candidate is seen with his or her loved ones as they prepare to leave. Woman Thought She Lost All Her Family During the Holocaust but Her Grandchildren Unearth the TruthHilda Shlick believed her whole family had been murdered in the Holocaust. They logged onto the Yad Vishem Family Search Database of Shoah Victims and entered her maiden name Hilda Glasberg and her country of origin Romania. The Chairman of the Yad Vishem Directorate encourages all Jewish families to check and recheck the names of their loved ones in the database

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