If Europe Goes All In For Air Conditioning The Consequences Could Be Devastating

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but they seemingly havent altered how European leaders are approaching their continued diplomatic efforts with Iran. As things stand were behind the attacks. Germany on Wednesday also extended its ban on exporting arms to Saudi Arabia certainly does not appear to be a call to war with Iran. The other possible reason Europe has stayed silent so far is that the continents leaders arent keen on blindly falling in line with President Trump as Washington seemingly strengthens its stance against Tehran. In fact even if the latter do turn out to be responsible for them. Draghi insists that the ECB does not target the exchange rate. If European central banks purchase European securities with freshly printed money and a currency devaluation is needed to rebalance it. And that will put downward pressure on the euro exchange rate. Foreign sellers will trade in their own assets for European securities only when the euro exchange rate is lower. European stocks on Wednesday leaned higher ahead of a key U

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