European Parliament Moves Forward With Terrorist Content Regulation That Will Lead To Massive Internet Censorship

europe parliament


european parliament moves forward with terrorist content regulation that will lead to massive internet censorshipfrom the because course deptlast week we wrote. Perhaps because its getting so little attention it just sailed through an EU Parliament committees approval process. Once again the European Parliament has proved that it was unable to resist from the pressure of the European Commission and governments. censorship terrorist content regulation. BORIS Johnsons Remain backing dad yesterday revealed he has applied to stand in the Euro elections for the Tories. Im a Celebrity star Stanley Johnson said he had answered a desperate call by Conservative chiefs for would be candidates to get their applications in by 5pm yesterday. Last night the Conservative party put out an all points bulletin saying will candidates please let us know by 5pm this evening if they want to be considered as Conservative candidates of the European elections. Mr Johnson said it is absurd that the Tories are talking down the elections. And he suggested Britain might get a better Brexit deal if UK politicians sit in Brussels and engage constructively with the bloc. A strong result for Labour in the European Parliament elections could be enough to hand the European Commission presidency back to the continents centre left according to the latest polls

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