European Parliament votes to suspend Turkeys EU membership bid

europe parliament


The European Parliament has voted to formally suspend EU accession talks with Turkey citing severe political and democratic backsliding under President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. angela merkel keeps turkey at arms lengtheu governments would have to vote by majority to end turkeys eu accession bid which would cut some funding programs. In a statement the Turkish Foreign Ministry rejected the European Parliament vote as one sided and baseless. During Wednesdays vote European lawmakers also recognized Turkeys role in hosting more than 3. But now is the time for the British to say what exactly they want to bring the Brexit deal to a successful conclusion. A longer delay would require Britain to participate in European parliament elections in May. Many hardcore Brexiteers embrace the idea of no deal Brexit. The European Parliament has called on the EU to shut down Turkey membership talks citing its crackdown on media and alleged human rights abuses. Ankara has slammed the vote as a meaningless show by the far right. The European Parliament on Wednesday voted in a non member bloc for at least the near future

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