European UK shares rally after UK parliament votes down no deal Brexit

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The president of the European parliament is under fire for downplaying the crimes of Benito Mussolini after he said Italys fascist dictator had done positive things for the country. Someone who finds merits in the deadly fascist regimes of the past is unworthy to remain president of the European parliament tweeted. How can a president of the European parliament fail to acknowledge the nature of fascism? he asked. The fascist dictatorship racial laws and deaths it caused are the darkest page in Italian and European history. Croatias prime minister phoned him to tell him he was wrong. the european parliament has urged iran to stop criminalizing the work of womens rights activists and reiterated its call on the countrys authorities to immediately and unconditionally release prominent human rights lawyer nasrin sotoudeh. The European Commission has called for an immediate review of Sotoudehs case saying that her trial featured a number of other violations of the right to due process

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