Celebrities Call on European Union to Protect Giraffes From Wildlife Trade Giraffe populations have declined by up to 40 in the past 30 yrs Scientists have labeled the plight of giraffes a silent extinction due to the lack of attention sup

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Africa now has fewer giraffes than elephants and they desperately need international protection before its too late. While giraffe populations continue to wane the species has become common in the wildlife trade. The proposal seeks to provide giraffes with protections to bring under control international trade in the currently unprotected species. Additionally the listing would provide researchers and governments with important data to track the trade in giraffes throughout the world. The maximum daily extraction capacity from underground gas storage facilities can reach 260 million cubic meters the statement read. For example may use the gas reserves in Ukrainian gas storage facilities. British Prime Minister Theresa May appears to be losing control of Brexit negotiations. Members of her own party are turning against her as the original deadline to leave the European Union approaches at the end of the week. But they could push Britain in the direction of a softer Brexit that keeps Britain closely tied economically to the EU. But the chief of the European Council told European lawmakers that the EU should let Britain take part

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