European Energy Union completed as Commissions final stocktake debuts

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Hundreds of hours of negotiations and nearly five years later who told EURACTIV that it is now the worlds most ambitious and advanced climate and energy framework. The Commissioner added that we will be seeking more clarity and information from many member states as we draft our recommendations. European Union leaders will grant British Prime Minister Theresa May a second delay to Brexit as France pushed for conditions to limit Britains ability to undermine the bloc. The agreement was reportedly reached after five hours of talks at an emergency Brexit summit in Brussels early Thursday morning. Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar reportedly said Britain must hold European elections in May or leave the E. As if Brexit hadnt spooked Britain and the European Union enough over the past three years the two sides agreed early Thursday to extend the deadline to Halloween. Some European leaders favored a longer extension while French President Emmanuel Macron was wary of anything but a very short delay. You know the European Union is not a prison. As I learned this evening Varadkar said. The summit deal in Brussels in the early hours of Thursday meant Britain will not crash out on Friday without a treaty to smooth its passage

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