European Union And Japan Prepare For Brussels Summit As New Trade Deal Underway

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The European Union is holding a summit with Japan in Brussels later today. The EU will be represented by Donald Tusk President of the European Commission. 99% of Japanese imports and 97% of European Union imports will have their tariffs scrapped under the terms of the EU Japan trade deal. There are still concerns on the EU side that Japan has not yet turned this commitment into legislation to counter climate change. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe on Thursday called on European Union leaders to help the U. avert a potentially disastrous departure from the economic bloc without an exit deal. The prime minister is in Brussels as part of a European and North American tour being conducted to lay the groundwork for this years G20 leaders summit. A no deal Brexit is what we have to avoid by all means with Tusk and Juncker standing at his side. An orderly withdrawal is necessary because Japanese firms have invested so much in Britain as a European Union member country. And 76 percent of respondents in Germany said they considered EU membership a good thing

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